Yamaha EF2400iSHC Gas Powered Portable Inverter Review

Yamaha is without a doubt one of the best generator makers out there. And the Yamaha EF2400iSHC model is without a doubt one of the best portable inverter generators made by them. In fact, we would rate this as one of the best inverter generators in the market. Be it for home use or camping or fishing, the EF2400iSHC unit will come handy almost anywhere.

This compact generator comes with a great range of advantages and like any other generator, has its limitations too. But overall, having this can be a delightful experience for most people. In this review, we will elaborate on details about what you can expect from this generator.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC

 Details Features of Yamaha EF2400iSHC

Body & Design

The EF2400iSHC generator from Yamaha is a rather compact one. As the pictures would suggest, it has a relatively smaller body than other portable generators. This is why we are bound to give this generator a few brownie points because carrying this around would be a lot easier compared to other units.

The generator measured at 75 lbs. and it has a pair of handles in place to assist with picking it up and moving it around. With two handles, you can always use both your hands to pick up this fairly lightweight generator.

One can always pick the unit up by themselves but that might put a lot of stress on the body. It is always better to have someone to assist you. An absence of a pair of wheels is one negative in this regard.

Another thing we personally liked about this generator is the great construction. Generator makers these days mostly use a high-quality plastic material for the frames of the generators.

However, Yamaha used proper aluminum case for the outer frame of this generator. As a result, you can expect the generator to be durable and withstand minor damages if they ever take place.

The EF2400iSHC has a simple pull start mechanism. There is no battery start or electric start function with this unit. The pull start is easy and smooth to make starting this generator a comfortable process.


The Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator has a starting wattage of 2400 watts and running wattage of 2000 watts. There are several generators out there with more power, but the capacity that this provides can be more than enough for a lot of people considering the range of items that one can run with 2000 watts including air-conditioners of up to 10,000 BTU.

We have covered more information about what you can expect to run with this in the ‘Performance’ section of this review.

And the best part is that being an inverter generator, the EF2400iSHC is a source of absolutely clean power that is free of troubles like power fluctuations or excessive carbon emission.

At the heart of things is the 4-stroke, OHV engine of 171 ccs that is also equipped with an air-cooling feature so that it can dodge overheating. The unit has two 120V, 20-amp outlets and one 12V DC outlet for automotive batteries. The generator does not have any 220V outlet in which our opinion was a drawback. Although a 220V outlet may not be that important for a lot of you.

This Yamaha generator does not have any 30 amp outlet, however, this setback can be easily overcome with a normal 15-30 amp adaptor available in any local store.


The Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator has a fuel capacity of 1.6 gallons. It runs on regular unleaded gasoline and you can expect this unit to run for 9 hours when it is operating at 25% of the load. When 50% of its possible capacity is being consumed, this generator will last around 6 hours.

One of the features that you will about this generator is the automatic efficiency mode in this generator which the makers have named the Smart Throttle feature.

This feature basically adjusts the engine speed with the amount of stress you put on the generator so that it can run for the longest possible periods of time. When you are using fewer appliances, naturally the stress on the generator reduces. As a result, the unit will burn lesser fuel so that it can keep running for longer periods of time.

Considering that the generator uses a 4-stroke engine, one should avoid mixing gas and oil up to run this generator.

This Yamaha generator is equipped with the gasoline petcock feature. This allows you to drain off the gas to run the carb dry for storage.


The Yamaha EF2400iSHC makes amazingly low levels of noise which users are bound to love. The extent of noise made by this unit varies with the level of stress you put on it.

However, the range of noise remains between 53 decibels to 60 decibels. When more appliances are being used, the noise made will be louder however it won’t exceed 60 decibels.

Just to remind you, an average human conversation between two people generates noise levels of about 58 decibels. So as you can imagine, you can enjoy extremely-low noise levels when fewer items are being used. Nonetheless, the noise made when working at maximum capacity is also low enough to not bother you one bit.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC


As stated earlier, the Yamaha EF2400iSHC measures at 2,400 surge watts and 2,000 running watts. The best part about this generator is that the power produced is absolutely clean. The smooth power makes this generator qualified for use with sensitive items like laptops, smart

TVs, etc. that are most vulnerable to damage from power overloads. You can use this generator with such items in peace knowing that they won’t be harmed.

And the generator meets all the rules laid out by California Air Resource Board and Environmental Protection Agency. Given how environment-friendly this generator is, it is free for use across all the states including California and you are permitted to take this with you inside US National Parks as well.

The EF2400iSHC has few handy items in its panel as well. For instance, there is the overload indicator to warn you about shutting down a few items. The fuel gauge is another great addition that you would love. The indicator moves between two points namely F and E to show you how much fuel is left. F, of course, indicates ‘Full’ while E indicates ‘End’.

You can expect to run a variety of items with this. If you are into construction and DIY projects, you can use this unit to power up a few items like a saw or a small air compressor of ½ horsepower.

The EF2400iSHC can power an RV air-conditioner of 10,000 btu as well. Apart from powering an air conditioner, you can obviously use this generator to run a few appliances inside the RV like television, microwave oven and such.

This generator will possibly run an air conditioner of 13,500 BTU as well but rest assured, you won’t be able to run the other necessary items if you’re running an air conditioner of such demands. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend making this generator go through the rigor of running an air conditioner of 13,500 BTU as it might affect the longevity of the unit.

For home use, the EF2400iSHC unit can cover all the essentials to make your life easier. From our research, this unit can power essentials like a refrigerator, microwave oven, TV, router, fish tank, sump pump and the furnace blower all at once to ensure that you aren’t deprived of crucial needs while there is an ongoing power outage.


  • Easy to handle and move around
  • Very quiet
  • Can be used in all states and in all types of national parks
  • Clean source of power and safe for sensitive items like smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly panel


  • Cannot be used in parallel with another unit


One thing that we particularly disliked about this Yamaha generator is that there is no option of running this generator in parallel with another similar unit. Although most of you don’t plan on running two units side by side, we still think that this bit was a letdown.

Apart from that, the EF2400iSHC is as great as a generator can possibly get. It can be moved around easily. Its safe for all sorts of equipments and is quiet during operations. What else can we want from a generator?

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