Who Builds Champion Generator Engines: Answering the All Important Question

Champion generators have captured the interest of thousands and thousands of people all over USA thanks to their attractive prices and positive performance reviews. Naturally, a lot of people are curious to know about its origins. Who builds Champion Generator Engines? This is a common query that a lot of our customers make. In this article we will cover the details of it.

We Americans in particular are a bit obsessed about the country of origin. And we do have certain reasons to be so. Subpar Chinese products have littered our markets while our own domestically produced goods stood out. So naturally we have greater confidence on our own American products rather than Chinese or any other Asian product.

Here’s the thing about Champion generator engines. Most of their models are made in China. That said, it would be foolish of you to draw conclusions simply on this basis. Let us explain why.

Just because a product is made in China, it should not be implied that it is poor in terms of performance. Take the iPhone for instance. For years, Apple has been relying on China to deliver them with its flagship phone. However, while China produces the phone, most of the research behind how the phone will work and how it will operate is done in California. Chinese factories simply maintain the quality instructions put forth by Apple and make sure to deliver the goods accordingly. This is why Apple has been able to maintain the best quality for their phones despite the fact that they are made in China. It is essentially a phone engineered in California and made in China.

Champion generators work similarly as well. Champion Power Equipment is a company based in USA. Most of the research behind how these generators will work, which parts and what technology to use is researched and decided in the research cells of America. It is only in China that the orders from USA are taken and a physical product is manifested accordingly. Champion generators at core are very much an American product which is made in China due to the lower production costs. It is eventually this cost advantage that allows Champion Power Equipment to offer such competitive prices for their generators.

One reason we personally love some of the Champion generators is because of their efficiency and customer friendly attributes. It is pretty apparent when you use them that there is some intensive wisdom and experience that has gone into making these great units happen. While China can claim to make the product, USA can easily take credit for the technology that has gone into making the good Champion units capable of performing the way people have come to love them.

Much of the research and making of Champion Engine Technology happen in Champion Power Equipment’s base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This place is basically the brains behind developing the exact mechanism which Champion generators will follow. And since most of their findings are patented, you will rarely come across another company that can come up with a portable generator which is exactly a carbon copy of a Champion generator in terms of how it operates.

However, once the centers based in America have chalked out what parts to use and how exactly the generator will operate, the orders are passed over to China. China as many might already know have far less operational costs involved which makes it much cheaper to manufacture goods there. As a result, customers like you and us win from this. We are able to buy great generators at a much lesser price than what we would have had to pay if they were manufactured in USA at higher costs of production.

Hope readers like you now have the answer to who builds Champion generator engines. It is an out and out American engine that has been manufactured in China. Some Champion generators are average and some are downright excellent. It is in these excellent ones that one really gets to see the great engineering behind making these units happen. It is easy to get all flustered over which Champion generator unit to buy. We strongly recommend you to keep an eye on our reviews to figure out the best ones from the company. Some of the particular Champion generator models can be a delight to have in your household or for use with your RV.

  • January 20, 2019
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