DuroStar DS4400 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Low in terms of cost. But high quality in terms of performance. That is the best way to describe the Durostar DS4400 portable generator. We highly recommend this model to our readers because it is truly a value for money product. It does have a few shortcomings but so does the most expensive generators in the market.

DuroStar DS4400

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  • Starting Wattage: 4400 Watts
  • Running Wattage: 3500-watts  
  • Durable 7 HP air cooled Engine
  • Approved by Environment Protection Agency and California Air Resource Board  
  • Outlets: Two 120-volt 20-amp 3-prong outlets, One 120-volt/240-volt 30-amp twist-lock outlet
  • Equipped with Low oil shutoff sensor to protect the engine
  • Noise Level: 69dba
  • Spark arrestor

  • Body

    Assembling the DS4400 is a fairly easy task. For most of us, the guide would be enough for directions. We strongly recommend reading the guide so that no important step is missed. Simply add gasoline and oil and you are ready to go.

    There is nothing much to be surprised about in terms of appearance when you take out the DS4400 from its box. The generator has the same size dimensions that are common among generators of similar capacity.

    After checking the official stats, we can confirm that the size is about 22 inches tall and about 23 inches wide. A standard size for generators in excess of 3000 watts in capacity. The size won’t bother you much for use with RVs also. The generator has a recoil pull start and the process has proven to be smooth and fluid.

    The steel frame covering the generator’s body is of great quality. Sturdy frames should be a priority for generators. After all, they are items that will be used for years to come.

    The frame, engine and all other parts come together in making this unit have a total weight of 130 lbs. This aspect thankfully is taken care of by the fact that the package comes with a freewheel kit. Usually, wheel kits aren’t provided with generators that come for the same price as the DS4400.

    Thankfully, DuroStar does provide wheels with this one. The handle provided lifts the generator up when pulled and the wheels take care of everything from there on to help you roll this unit from one place to another.

    Overall, we loved the positioning of crucial parts of the generator in DS4400 also. The fuel access and the oil refill funnel are conveniently placed at the top which helps the user. The panel is perfectly placed too so that the unit can be operated easily.


    In terms of capacity, the DuroStar DS4400 has a starting wattage of 4400 watts and a running wattage of 3500 watts. That’s a great deal of capacity if you ask us. So how much benefits do 3500 watts give us?

    It is more than enough to power the essentials like the refrigerator, sump pump, window AC and a laptop or TV during a power outage apart from the normal lights that you’ll need. If you keep one of the high-consuming appliances like pump or refrigerator turned off, then this generator can last 10-12 hours too.

    The wattage capacity of DS4400 makes it a great generator for RVs and camping too. The capacity of 3500 watts will leave you with a great deal of luxury. It is more than enough to run an air-conditioner along with a refrigerator, oven and a television or laptop. You can turn off one of these mentioned appliances too in order to power something else.

    3500 watts make DS4400 capable of use at worksites too. With his kind of wattage, you can always run 2 or 3 tools.

    The DuroStar DS4400 is powered by a 7 horsepower engine. Basically, it is an OHV engine of 208 cc which claims to have the air cooled technology by the makers. We do feel that these claims are largely true because of the decent runtime that the DS4400 has. The DS4400 is capable of running a full 8 hours when used at 50% load. Enough, to get you through a stormy night with total comfort.

    As for the outlets, the DS4400 comes with:

    Two 120V outlets of 20A

    One 120/240V 30A Outlet

    DuroStar DS4400


    Given the economic price, we initially thought that Durostar would be stingy in terms of convenient features they will put in this unit. However, we have been pleasantly surprised.

    The DS4400 has a user-friendly design that makes operating the generator a lot easier like we already said earlier. And the unit is stacked up with great security measures too. The DS4400 has a low oil sensor.

    The unit shuts itself down the minute oil nears end so that overheating does not occur. Moreover, there is the auto circuit breaker too that causes the generator to shut down if there is an overload. This acts as a shield for your appliances and prevents big disasters or damages.

    During operation, there are some pleasant features too that we liked. There is this Voltmaker in this generator that helps maintain a normal and healthy voltage level. There is an engine shut off switch for use too. And lastly, there is the fuel gauge which is an icing on the cake. It is easy to read and helps you keep a tab over how much fuel is left.

    The DS4400 is a comparatively cleaner source of power which is why this has been approved for use by Environmental Protection Agency. This makes this eligible for use across all national parts across the USA. The DS4400 is approved by California Air Resource Board to making it eligible for use across all 50 states.


    • Well-constructed body
    • User friendly design that is easy to handle
    • Has decent safety features to ensure protection
    • Good runtime


    • Durostar is not as prominent as a brand name compared to Yamaha, Champion, etc. but has received mostly positive reviews from users.


    The DS4400 can be a great purchase. It provides decent capacity, is safe and easy to use and involves little hassle in terms of maintaining too. Do consider giving this great value for money generator a try.

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