Duromax XP4850EH Portable Generator Review (Electric Start)

Ther XP4850EH from Duromax is one of the best propane generators that you can lay your hands on. In fact, this is a dual fuel generator that is capable of running on both gasoline and propane. The Duromax XP4850EH has several great aspects with a few shortcomings here and there. All of it is discussed in details in this review.

Duromax XP4850EH

 Features of Duromax XP4850EH Portable Generator


  • 212 cc, 7 HP Air-cooled OHV engine 
  • Running Wattage: 3,850 watts
  • Starting Wattage: 4,850 watts.
  • Outlets: Two 120-Volt 20A 3 prong outlets outlets, One 120/240V 30A Twist Lock outlet and One 12V DC outlet
  • Advance oil warning light,
  • Key start switch
  • Volt meter & Circuit breaker  
  • Low oil Indicator lamp
  • Low oil shutoff.
  • Sound: 69 dBA
  • Approved by Environmental Protection Agency


There is little doubt that the XP4850EH is a very good looking generator. Colored black and green, this generator is pleasing to the eyes. The construct however is very impressive.

Duromax is known for the great exteriors of their generators and the XP4850EH is no exception. The outward body is made mostly of metal. The frames are sturdy and you can expect the unit to last over a good period of time.

Despite having a load of metallic content, the XP4850EH isn’t too heavy. The weight of the unit amounts to 140 lbs. which is pretty low for a generator that is so richly constructed. But thankfully, Duromax provides a free wheel kit that makes moving the generator across from one place to another easy.


Speaking of the tires, the tires in XP4850EH are solid and doesn’t involve air. You won’t have to go through the hassle of pumping them with air nor do you have to bear the risk of getting them punctured either. The body of the XP4850EH has a pair of push handles too in order to help you pull and drag the unit when moving it around.

The XP4850EH is equipped with both electric and pull start. For the electric start, all you have to do is put in the key and twist. This will be all you have to do to crank up the generator. If the battery runs out of charge, you can always start the generator with the backup system which involves the traditional pull method.

The user panel of the XP4850EH is easily accessible. Reading and identifying different slots is easy as they are clearly laid out. You won’t face many problems with running the generator.

You can change the fuel you are using at the flick of a switch. Shuffling between gasoline and propane is thankfully very easy. Duromax was thoughtful enough to provide a propane hose connector as well.

So as you can deduce by now, we have been highly impressed with the XP4850EH as far as its body and overall design is concerned.


The noise levels of XP4850EH was recorded at 69 decibels. This isn’t too loud at all. A human conversation generates sound levels of 58 decibels so you deduce that XP4850EH isn’t too much louder compared to that. However, when you put higher levels of load on the unit, the noise levels tend to get higher.

This isn’t much of an issue except you will have to raise your voice while speaking to others in such a case provided that the generator is really close to you guys and not placed a bit far away. This is one drawback this generator has.

However, if you are using this generator at only 50-60% load, the noise levels would remain within the specified 69 decibels.

Duromax XP4850EH

Capacity and Runtime

The XP4850EH is powered by a 7 horsepower, OHV air-cooled engine of 196 CCs. This generator has a starting wattage of 4,400 watts while running wattage is 3,500 watts. What you can do with 3,500 watts is discussed in details in the upcoming section.

As for gasoline, the XP4850EH can run for around 8 hours on a stretch at 50% load from one fill. In order to fill up, you have to pour in 4 gallons of gasoline. Runtime is definitely higher with propane that makes it such a favorite among people. With a 20 lbs. tank, the XP4850EH can be expected to run for around 20 hours at 50% load. Any person would love using this unit on propane.

The XP4850EH comes with the following outlets:

  • Two 120V, 20 amp outlets
  • One 120/240V twist lock outlet, 30 amp
  • One 12V DC outlet for charging batteries, etc.


With 3,500 running watts as its capacity, the XP4850EH can be used at homes, RVs as well as job sites too. A 3,500-watt capacity would easily allow you to run 4-5 power tools that are used for construction or other projects. Moreover, the fact that it can be moved around so easily is another reason why we recommend it for use at job sites.

At homes, you can use the XP4850EH to power the essential items like refrigerator and pump. Alongside those two, this unit can also help you run few lights, computer or TV, a freezer and still leave you with ample space to power something else such as a coffee maker or oven.

If you want more out of your generator for your home, then, in that case, we suggest you look for one with more capacity.

In RVs, you can use the Duromax XP4850EH to power a 13,500 or 15,000 BTU air conditioner and power another refrigerator, lights and a laptop or TV with it. You can use the oven too but that would require shutting the air conditioner first, assuming it has capacities as large as 13,500 to 15,000 BTU. Outside the RV, you can use this for the electric grill as well.

Another reason why we so strongly recommend the XP4850EH is that it is packed with safety features that ensure maximum safety for the user. It has an oil indicator that shows how much oil is left and it has a low oil shutdown feature too. This saves you from unwanted accidents that might have occurred from drying up.

There is a spark arrestor in place to prevent calamities from occurring especially at National parks or any other park. The circuit breaker panel in XP4850EH shuts down the machine the minute it senses an overload and before any damage is done. Lastly, this unit has an Automated Voltage Regulator to keep voltage levels in check so that they don’t affect your appliances.


  • Well-constructed and built to last long
  • Easy to move around
  • Packed with safety features to safeguard items
  • Environment friendly
  • Great Runtime


  • Nothing major that we found


The Duromax XP4850EH is​ approved by EPA and can be used at all national parks across all 50 states including California. ​

We are in love with the XP4850EH. And we are pretty sure, that you would love it too. It is environement friendly, has a great runtime and is easy to move around as well. All in all, a great generator inside and out.

You should strongly consider this one as your next propane generator.

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