DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt Portable Generator Review

The Duromax XP4400E Gas powered portable generator has been one of the highest selling portable generators in the market. Goes without saying, this unit does have a lot of great features that would explain its popularity.

But the generator was obviously will not fit the needs of all kinds of people as each person has their own usage pattern. Is this the right one for you? Read the entire review to find that out.


  • Starting Wattage: 4400 Watts
  • Running Wattage: 3500 Watts Continuous
  • Runtime: 8 Hour Run Time
  • Features Electric Key Start with battery included
  • EPA Approved
  • Contains Spark plug wrench
  • Equipped with Low Oil Shut Off mechanism
  • DuroMax XP4400E

    Features of DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt Portable Generator

    Body & Design

    The Duromax XP4400E is one strongly built generator. From the looks and feel of the body, it is safe to say that this generator will last over a significant period of time. And user convenience has been given a great deal of emphasis for this generator.

    It comes with a set of wheels thankfully. So moving it around would be easier. And the ergonomically designed handlebars in the generator push the user’s comfort cause forward as well.


    At the heart of this generator is a 7-horsepower, 4-stroke single cylinder engine which has an air cooling feature as well. The XP4400E has a starting wattage of 4400 watts. And the running watts as stated by the manufacturers is 3500 watts. The difference of 900 watts would be great for a particular set of users.

    If you’re the kind of person who uses extension cords to run a variety of small appliances that are turned or off frequently then this generator would be great. Just to let you know, appliances require higher wattage to start and far less wattage to run.

    This is why a higher starting capacity in a generator is great as it would help appliances start and run smoothly. The starting wattage, by the way, is 4400 watts for this generator.

    However, there is one area where the Duromax XP4400E has disappointed us during our research on it. This generator has a running wattage of 3500 watts.

    However, we have found that once you approach 3000 watts, this generator would struggle to power anymore. You can run it at 3200-3300 watts though however, it should not be prolonged. This is perhaps the only major flaw of this unit. Even at a capacity like that of 3000-3300 watts, you will be able to run a variety of things.

    More about that is covered in the upcoming sections.

    DuroMax XP4400E


    The noise made by the Duromax XP4400E has been measured at 69 decibels. We can’t really call this a really quite generator by any means. Just to give you an idea, the generators that maintain pin drop silence measure at 53 decibels. So as you can guess, this generator does make a bit more noise.

    But to this generator’s defense, it has a higher capacity and if you want a more powerful engine than it is only normal it will make a bit more noise. Honda generators maintain really low noise levels despite their power but then again, they are far more expensive compared to this unit.

    But there is good news for you. The generator comes with a muffler attached to it. The mufflers are like those found in cars except this one is bigger. The muffler does a great job in silencing a portion of the noise. And considering that this generator will mostly be situated at a distance from where you will be, the noise will not be a big issue.


    The Duromax XP44400E has considerable power for its price and more so considering the fact that it is a portable generator. Just to let you know, the generator has an electric key start just like the cars. It has the pull start feature as well which is an alternative for situations when the battery is dead.

    During research, a good deal of my attention was given to finding out this generator’s total runtime. From what I found, this unit can runs for around 8 hours when being used at 50% of its capacity. Putting more load will obviously cause the gas tank to finish up faster.

    The tank, by the way, has a total capacity of 4 gallons. The XP4400E has an automatic low-oil shutoff feature which causes the generator to shut down when the tank nears the end. This prevents any further damage from occurring.

    As stated earlier, the Duromax XP4400E has a starting wattage of 4400 watts and a running wattage of 3000-3200 watts although the makers claim it is 3500 watts. But that’s only half the story. The generator is filled with great features that can be of great help.

    For households use, the XP4400E comes with two 120V, 20 amp outlets which is the usual standard for American households. The generator also has a 120/240 volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet which you can use for high powered tools. You can connect it with your home’s panel as well with the help of a transfer switch. The 12 Volt DC outlet is a great addition too. You can use it as a charger for batteries.

    This DuroMax generator from what I found smoothly runs the television, video recorders, few lights, window AC and fans without any hiccups. With a capacity as high as 3000 watts, you can easily use some other appliances after securing the essential ones like refrigerator and sump pumps.

    This generator can be used with RVs also. It has a switch that allows the user to get maximum power from both the 120-volt receptacles. You are also empowered with the ability to use 120 and 240-volt outlets simultaneously or use only one 120 volt outlet at full force.


    • Easy to move around
    • Comfortable Electric Start
    • Contains the minimum essential security features
    • Runtime is pretty good
    • Capacity is pretty good for the price


    • Not too loud but would’ve been great if it were a bit quieter
    • Not eligible for use in California
    DuroMax XP4400E


    Lastly, one more thing I liked about the XP4400E is that it meets Environmental Protection Agency’s specifications. This means that you can freely take this for picnics and camping in US National Parks.

    A warning for all Californian residents, avoid buying this generator. The XP4400E does not meet the standards set by California Air Resource Board. This makes the XP4400E ineligible for use ONLY in California.

    Apart from all that, the XP4400E is a gem of a generator that is worth the money. Good run-time. Great design. Has a comfortable electric start and is easy to move around. It's hard not to love this generator from DuroMax.

    ​For the price, it provides a great deal of power along with other benefits and features. Definitely worth a buy!

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