Champion Power Equipment 71531 CARB Compliant Generator Review

Although Champion Power Equipment has produced several generators in the 9000-10000 watts category, the Champion Power Equipment 71531 is arguably the best in this category. When it comes to powerhouse generators, the 71531 from Champion is among the best in the market.

This portable generator produces a ton of power with running wattage as high as 7,500 watts. It meets all kinds of environmental regulations and is safe for use too. What more could you ask?

This review will break down all the necessary details surrounding the Champion 71531 generator.

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  • Running wattage: 7500 Watts Rated,
  • Starting wattage: 9375 Starting Watts Maximum
  • Output Outlets: 4- 120V Outlets (5-20R), 1 - 120/240V (L14-30R) Outlet, 1 - 120V (L5-30R)
  • Operates on both LP/Propane or Gasoline,
  • Engine: Champion 439cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve;
  • Environment friendly engine approved by California Air Resource Board
  • Runtime: 9 hours at 50% load approx.
  • Engine oil included
  • Weight: 235 lbs.
  • Dimension: Length: 31.5" x Width: 22" x Height: 22.5" 
  •  Features of  Champion Power Equipment 71531 

    Body & Design

    Straight out of the packaging, the first thing you will realize is that the 71531 is a pretty robust generator in terms of size. Setting up the unit is pretty easy. You will have very little to do anyway. It is mostly all about attaching the wheel kit.

    The producers were thoughtful enough to provide an LPG hose regulator. It is 22 inches wide and about 22.5 inches tall. The body weight of the unit stood at around 213.5 lbs. Thankfully, it comes with handlebar as well as a wheel kit featuring 10-inch wheels that make rolling the unit around very easy.

    The 71531 is loaded with user-friendly features. For one, the generator has a push-button electric start apart from the traditional recoil method. Champion has a unique ‘Cold Start’ technology which is integrated with the 71531.

    This optimizes the generator’s body to start without fail even in harsh weather conditions. If you plan on traveling to high altitudes with the 71531, you will have to tune the carburetor main jets for it. The guide provides clear instructions on this regard.

    The 71531 is built to last long. The design and quality of it are pretty sturdy so that the unit can survive the test of time. The engine is guarded by a well-made cast-iron sleeve that protects the engine from potential damage as well.

    The Champion 71531 has won us over when it comes to design. This is a heavy generator as expected from a machine that produces that much power. Nevertheless, it is extremely user-friendly.


    At the center of the Champion 71531 generator is a 4-stroke, OHV engine of 439 c.c. This is the main source of the amazing performance delivered by this top quality generator.

    The 71531 runs on both fuel and propane. This is a blessing in many ways. Gas can run short in the stores when there is an area-wide power outage and have a substitute choice is always a great help. Moreover, propane is very cheap too.

    Speaking of power, gasoline obviously would give you more than what propane would. With gas, starting watts stood at 9375 watts and running watts stood at 7,500 watts. With propane, the starting wattage comes down to 8,400 watts while running wattage stands at 6,750 watts.

    Although more of it is covered in the sections below but trust me, the wattage capacity is more than enough to let you live life to the fullest even during power outages. It can run a handful of tools too in case you are planning to use it on worksites.

    When it comes to gas, one whole fill will take 6.1 gallons. That will give you a runtime of 9 hours if operated at 50% load. The runtime remains the same even when it comes to propane. The generator has a propane tank capacity of 20 lbs.

    The 71531 has a diverse set of outlets. It mainly has four 120V outlets of 20 amp. It also has one 120/240V twist lock receptacle outlet of 30 amp as well as another 120V twist lock outlet of 30 amp.

    Champion Power Equipment 71531


    Perhaps the only downside in an otherwise perfect generator. The sound is a bit high on the 71531. The noise levels were recorded at 74 dBa. It is a bit louder than the average human conversation which has a noise level of 58 dBa. The sound generated isn’t unbearable but for a generator that is so amazing in other sections, we wish that it was little less loud.

    Your neighbors might find the sound level irritating. In that case, our advice would be to place it as close as possible to your own home if your neighbors get angry easily.


    The 71531 is a great performer apart from being a generator of massive power. We have told you already about the smooth starting process. The 71531 has a user panel that is clear and easy to operate as well.

    One thing that must be mentioned is the ‘Intelligauge’ feature in this generator. The 71531 clearly displays the total hours it ran, the hertz and volts of the current.

    The 71531 is loaded with a lot of safety features to keep you out of danger zone. This something we liked a lot as well. The outlets are equipped with Volt Guard feature to protect appliances that you own from the wrath of sudden power spikes. There is the low-oil shutoff feature as well that turns down the generator when fuel ends so that no damage takes place whatsoever.

    Don’t forget the massive wattage either. With 7,500 running watts from gasoline and around 6,750 watts in propane, this generator surely gives a lot of freedom. An average window Air conditioner of 10,000 BTU needs 1200 watts of power.

    Essentials like refrigerators and sump pumps take 700 and 800 watts respectively. Can you deduce the rest right? The 71531 will give you ample freedom to run other items like multiple lights, laptops, LED TVs and home theater as well apart from the essentials.

    You might as well easily be duped into believing that an outage didn’t take place at all as the generator is more than capable to take care of all the items we usually use all the time.

    The runtime is phenomenally long with the 71531 too. Both fuel types would give you a good 9-hour long delivery when operating at half its potential capacity. This generator meets guidelines set by California Air Resource Board (CARB) which makes it eligible for use across all 50 states.


    • Well-designed and easy to handle
    • Can start smoothly in harsh weather conditions
    • Displays total hours of use so that you can plan ahead
    • Good run-time


    • Is a bit loud


    All in all, the Champion 71531 is a total value for money. When it comes to delivering money’s worth in a package mixed with good power and performance, very few beats Champion Power Equipment. And the 71531 is among their finest.

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