The Right Champion Generator Oil Type And How To Apply It

What is the right Champion generator oil type? A lot of our readers tend to ask us the same question. While Champion generators can be great for use at home or outside, wrong usage of oil can dampen the performance of the generators. Be it Champion generators or any other brand, the right oil type and the right maintenance with regards to oil is absolutely essential if one is to get the best optimal performance out of their generator. Here in this article, we would cover extensively on the right oil type for Champion generators and the best methods to go about using oil with your Champion generator.

So What Is The Right Champion Generator Oil Type?

The right oil type for your generator depends mostly on the temperature at the place where you plan on using the generator. What is right at freezing temperatures is not the right type for warm places. However, there are certain oils that fit in both situations well. If its below 0 degrees, in Fahrenheit, out there, then 5W-30 is the right oil to go for. In predominantly warm places where temperatures tend to be about 80 degree Fahrenheit or above, the right oil for your Champion generator would be 10W-40. If the scale suggests that the temperature is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can consider 10W-30 oil type as well. Our best bet is 5W-30 synthetic oil though. This is a type for all seasons and can be used at any temperature.

The Best Oil Application Practices

To get the best performance out of your generator and to prolong the lifespan of your engine, you should feed the right oil to your generator time to time. When we say feed, we mean that you should replace the oil time to time. Refilling oil is never a good idea as the existing oil tends to get contaminated when it comes in contact with hot engine which sort of destroys its essence. If your generator is totally new, you should aim to change the oil within the first 25 hours. In ideal circumstances, the best practice for owners is to change the oil every 50 hours. This will ensure that you get the best possible results from your Champion generator. A lot of people tend to go longer hours without changing the oil. Probably you have the done the same in the past too. But we strongly advise you to follow the practices we mentioned. There are very few things that hurt a generator’s internal system the way rotten oil does.

As we just mentioned, going long hours without changing oil is one of the most toxic things that a generator owner can do to their generator. Old oil negatively affects the inner components of a generator. The effects will not be apparent to you from get go but before you know it, someday you will find the performance levels of your generator come down drastically. Moreover, it also cuts down days from your generator’s potential lifespans. The consequences don’t turn up immediately but when they do there isn’t any turning back really.

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Source: Official Champion Power Equipment Website

Apart from changing oil time to time, it is extremely important to pour in the right amount too when you are doing so. Too much oil and too little of it are both not the ideal things that you should be aiming for. When there is far too much oil than what the machine needs, the extra volume will drip into the air cleaner box through the engine’s breather system and eventually stop the engine from receiving appropriate amount of air. Excess oil is notorious for causing the resistance of the generator’s engine to go up. Thus it is very important to put in the right amount of oil for seamless performance. User manuals usually state out the right amount of oil that you need to put it.

Thankfully, when it comes to Champion generators, putting in less than required amount of oil is not as much of a tricky situation. The Champion generators in the market nowadays come with low oil sensors which are activated when the oil levels are below what is required. This in turn will stop the generator from turning on and causing greater damage to itself.

Hopefully by now you have a solid understanding over which oil type to use with your Champion generator. We have highlighted the best maintenance practices for you as well as far as generator oil is concerned. It is safe to say that it is always a good idea to store up sufficient oil for future use.

  • November 19, 2018
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