Champion 100297 8000 Watt Portable Generator Review (Electric Start)

The Champion 100297 is a portable generator with dual fuel feature that makes it capable of running on both gas and liquid propane. It is a powerhouse generator with running wattage going as high as 8000 watts.

With such a high capacity, you can count on this unit to power essential items like sump pumps, refrigerator, etc. as well as additional items like window ACs among others.

So, does the Champion 100297 live up to its promise? Give this review a read to learn everything about this portable generator.

Champion 100297

 Features of Champion 100297


  • Dual Fuel engine that can run on either gasoline or propane,
  • Holds 1.2-quarts of oil
  • Low oil shut-off sensor
  • Electric start with battery included – Can crank up with the press of a switch 
  • Intelligauge – Allows tracking of voltage, hertz and run-time hours for monitoring and maintenance
  • Starting wattage: 10,000 watts on gasoline, 9025 watts on propane
  • Running Wattage: 8000 watts on gasoline and 7250 running watts on propane,
  • Volt Guard: built-in surge protector to protect against unexpected overloads

  • Body & Design

    The 100297 generator from Champion Power Equipment is well-packed for safe and secure delivery. The company indeed does a good job with the packaging. Over 99% of the customers reported good delivery service when we conducted a survey on this regard.

    The package comes with the generator unit allow with materials such as oil, oil funnel to install oil and an LPG hose kit with a regulator.

    The frame and the overall outer body is pretty sturdy. This isn’t a unit that will break down easily. We liked how the 100297 has this feature called Cold Start technology. This feature helps the generator to optimize to cold weather conditions so that it can start working smoothly without any hesitation even in harsh conditions.

    Rolling the 100297 portable generators is pretty easy thanks to the never-flat tires that the generator comes with. There is a handlebar as well to help move the generator. But let me inform you that this is a pretty heavy generator.

    The weight of the unit stood at 213 lbs. which is justified considering the large engine it has to provide 8000 watts of running wattage. The 100297 is approximately 26 inches high and 29 inches wide.

    Champion 100297


    As mentioned earlier, the Champion 100297 generator has massive capacity. At the heart of this generator is a single-cylinder OHV engine of 459 c.c. This generator can be run with gas as well as propane. However, each fuel type will give you different amounts of capacity.

    With gas, you will get a starting wattage of 10,000 watts while running wattage would be 8,000 watts. With propane, the starting wattage would be 9025 watts while running wattage would be 7250.

    When it comes to capacity, there are very few portable generators that can beat the 100297. And it comes at a very affordable price too considering the large capacity of the unit. With 8,000 watts in running capacity, you will get a good deal of support during outages.

    Starting from essentials like a refrigerator, sump pump, etc. the 100297 can run multiple lights, air conditioner, laptop, television for you as well with its robust ability to produce 8,000 in running watts.

    The 100297 has various kinds of outlets which makes it very versatile. It provides one 120V, 30 amp locking outlet. It also has one 120/240V, 30 amp locking outlet. The 100297 also has four 120V, 20 amp outlets that are GFCI protected so that your appliances remain safe in the wake of a sudden power spike.

    The versatile range of outlets coupled with other features makes the 100297 a very RV friendly generator.


    The Champion 100297 disappoints when it comes to sound. It’s not exactly unbearable or really tough on the ears but we wish the amount of noise this unit makes was lower.

    But then again, we need to consider the fact that this generator powers an engine bigger than the quiet ones from Champion Power Equipment which usually have a running wattage of 3000-4000 watts.

    The amount of noise made by the 100297 measured at 74 dBa when it’s around 23 feet away from you. A human conversation between two people measures at 58 decibels when it comes to sound. As you can imagine, the 100297 is a bit loud although it isn’t so loud that you won’t be able to bear with it.


    When it comes to performance, the 100297 unit from Champion has impressed us most. The electric start will impress you at the very first. This generator has a touch electric start which is something one would really appreciate especially during those moments of the power outage.

    The pull-start option is there too for use during emergencies when the battery is dead and the electric start is not working. The battery for the generator is provided by the makers. It is placed within the generator and charges itself automatically while the generator is running.

    There is a switch for toggling between gas or propane. Making a transition is very easy when it comes to choosing a fuel type. Having two fuel choices is great at times. Especially when the nearby stores are running short of gasoline due to increased demand from a storm that has hit the area.

    The 100297 has a runtime of around 8 hours when used at 50% of the capacity. The fuel tank has a capacity of 6.1 gallons. In case of propane, the runtime you will get amounts to about 3.5 hours when used at 50% of the capacity.

    The 100297 has a low-oil shut off feature which is commendable. The generator shuts itself down when the fuel is nearing an absolute end. This helps prevent unwanted accidents. However, we wished that the generator came with an indicator to let us know how much of fuel was left. Unfortunately, the 100297 doesn’t have an indicator.

    The 100297 meets the environmental specifications laid out by California Air Resource Board (CARB) which makes it eligible for use across all 50 states. However, you may face some problems at some RV parks when it comes to using this generator due to the amount of sound it makes.

    However, this is totally subjective and will only happen rarely with few people depending on the circumstances.


    • Security features for protection against overloads
    • Comfortable electric start
    • Intelligauge to keep track of run-time, voltage and other factors
    • Massive wattage
    • Comes with handles and wheels for ease of moving around


    • Is a bit loud
    • Runtime is decent but could’ve been higher


    All in all, we loved the overall performance of the 100297. It has a massive capacity and provides decent safety features as well as for protection from unwanted accidents. We wish the noise levels were a little lower and the run time was a bit more.

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