Champion 100263 3400-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator Review

The Champion 100263 3400 Watt Inverter Generator is one of those generators that is very difficult to be classified into one single category.

First of all, it is an inverter generator that is perfect for use with RVs as well as camping apart from traditional use at homes.

Secondly, it can run with either propane or gas. This generator has its own highs and lows that are highlighted in this review. Give the review a read to find out if this is worth your time.

Champion 100263

Features of Champion 100263 3400-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator


  • Dual Fuel generator capable of running on both gasoline or propane
  • ​Holds 0.6-quarts of oil; Recommended 10W-30)
  • ​Low oil shut-off sensor
  • Convenient Electric Start featuring switch to turn on the generator with battery included
  • Quick Touch Panel with all controls in one spot.
  • Noise Level: 59 dBA
  • Staring wattage: 3400 watts on gasoline and 3060 watts on propane
  • Running wattage: 3100 watts on gasoline and 2790 watts on propane
  • Runtime:  7.5 hours approx.
  • Outlets – One RV Ready 120V 30A Outlet, Two 120V 20A household outlets with clean electricity (less than 3% THD) and One 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter

  • Body

    The Champion 100263 is designed well and carries the trademark black and yellow color combination of Champion Power Equipment. It is pleasing to look at and is built well too to stand the test of time. At 94.7 lbs, it is not the lightest.

    However, one can always pick it up for the short intervals with a bit of effort. To make a movement with this unit easy, Champion has done their part too. The 100263 comes with two handlebars that make picking it up or grabbing it very easy. And the wheels roll well to make maneuvering easy too.


    Although the Champion 100263 is not Yamaha level quiet, it is quiet enough to ensure peace for you nonetheless. At 58 decibels, which is the noise level for this generator, you can’t call it loud by any means. To give you an idea, a normal human conversation has a noise level of 58 decibels which is also the noise level of this generator.


    The Champion 100263 is powered by an OHV commercial V-Twin engine of 192 c.c. Given its dual fuel source, the Champion 100263 has different wattages for different kind of fuels. When run with gas, the generator has 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts. When ran with propane, starting wattage comes down to 3060 watts and runs at 2790 watts.

    From my observation, this Champion Dual Fuel generator has all the right abilities to be considered a great RV generator as well as a great one for the homes. This generator is well capable of running air conditioners of 15,000 BTU along with the other small appliances here and there.

    While you can always run the Air conditioner along with other appliances on propane, it is recommended that you put the AC on Fan mode when using heating appliances like oven and such.

    For household use, you can definitely consider buying this generator. At 3100 watts and 2790 watts for each kind of fuel, this unit is powerful enough to run heavy duty appliances like refrigerator, pumps, etc.

    The Champion 100263 has one 120 V 30 Amp Outlet for RVs, two 120V outlets for the household and one 12V DC automotive-style outlet with a dual USB adapter.

    Champion 100263


    It is in the way it runs that made me put Champion 100263 in the list of the best champion generators. For one, it is a source of clean power given the fact that it is an inverter generator that meets the highest standards.

    The Total Harmonic Distortion Rate is less than 3% in this generator and thus, it meets True Sine Wave standards. This makes this generator extremely reliable for sensitive appliances like a laptop, smartphone, etc. that are most susceptible to power overloads.

    The generator has a low oil shut off sensor that automatically shuts down the engine when the oil level is low.

    The best part of this Champion Generator is its automatic economic mode. When the generator senses that you are using less power by running fewer appliances and equipment, it decreases the rotations per minute to ensure that the generator spends less fuel and thus last for a longer period of time.

    Speaking of life, this generator can run 7.5 hours on gas and 14.5 hours on propane when it is carrying only 25% of the load it is capable of taking. Numbers come down to around 4 hours on gas and 10-12 hours on propane when you run more items with the generator.

    The Champion 100263 generator has a switch button that allows toggling between gas and propane. It can be started with a push button electric start.  The unit comes with a Smart charger for the battery. And one can always make a pull start in case the battery dies. The generator comes with an LP hose and the connection is standard 3/8.


    • Well-designed and easy to move around
    • Clean source of power and perfect for sensitive items like laptops, smartphones, etc.
    • Easy to operate
    • Decent runtime
    • Comfortable electric start
    • Low noise level
    • Economic Mode that reduces load based on usage and prolongs run time


    • None but a longer run-time would’ve been delightful


    That was all about this versatile generator really. It provides an array of choices starting from its fuel source until the number of appliances it can run. To add to that, the design is immensely user friendly as well. This is one machine that anybody who uses it is bound to love.

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