Best Propane Generator Reviews | Comprehensive Buying Guide

Finding the best propane generator that fits your needs perfectly can be a difficult task. Our propane generator reviews here will help you find the right one easily. With so many brands out there with hundreds of different models, it easy to end up confused.

We at Consumer Helpdesk made sure that our readers don’t go through all that confusion. We closely researched upon the best propane run generators in the market before we made a list of the best performers to recommend to our readers here.

8 Best Propane Generators In The Market Today

Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Champion 100165 is one of the best generators you can get for your home as far as value for your money’s worth is concerned.

This generator gives you the luxury of running it with both gas and propane. Run it with gas and if you want to cut down costs, you can use propane too. On gas, you will get 9375 watts as starting watts and running wattage amounts to 7,500 watts. With propane, you can attain around 8400 watts when starting the generator and about 6750 watts while running it.

With a capacity of 7,500 watts or 6750 watts depending on which fuel you use, you will be able to run essential appliances and the extra ones like window ACs, TVs and laptops with much comfort. The same applies to RVs too. With 7,500 watts, you’ll be able to power a lot of items. Similarly, the wattage makes this perfect for use at worksites too.

Champion Power Equipment was thoughtful enough to provide a variety of outlets to make the best use of the capacity. The 100165 blends user-friendly design along with necessary safety measures as well. The outlets provide great protection from sudden power spikes and the generator shuts itself down when fuel is low too so that accidents are avoided.

The only downside is the noise level of the generator. We wish it were quieter. At 74 dbA, this is a bit louder than a human conversation that makes sound worth 58 dBa.

Apart from that, this is one of the most perfect generators out there. You should definitely consider giving it a try.

Read the full review here.

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The XP10000EH from Duromax is an all-time bestseller in the market and it is only normal that we would recommend it to our readers. This propane generator has a massive starting wattage of 10,000 watts and a running wattage of 7,800 watts and can literally power pretty much everything you need.

The XP10000EH has a touch electric start. To top this, the wheels and handlebar makes moving the large body easy too.

You can run this unit with a 20 lb. or 30 lb. tank. It will last about 20-40 hours at 50% load depending on the tank’s volume. It can run on gas too.

With a huge capacity of 7,800 watts, the XP10000EH can run your window AC, laptops, TV, coffee maker and lots of other items easily along with the essentials like pump and refrigerator.

It is a gem for those having outdoor projects. The XP10000EH can power several power tools easily. We wouldn’t recommend such a big unit for use with RVs but you can use it nonetheless. It can easily take care of a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, the freezer, oven, lights and more.

However, this unit is a bit loud and is not eligible for use in California.

Apart from that, the XP10000EH is a great buy out and out.

The Good: Massive Capacity, Great runtime, Decent safety features, Good design, Good price

The Bad: A bit loud, Not eligible for use in California

Read the full review here or find out one of the best price here.

Champion 3800-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator 

The 76533 model from Champion has been one of their finest propane generators and one of the most feature-packed units too. This portable generator is capable of running on both gas and propane.

From what we saw, expect surge watts of 4750 watts and running wattage of about 3800 watts if you plan on running it on gas. With propane, you’ll get about 4275 surge watts and 3420 watts in running wattage.

This medium capacity generator has the perfect size for those planning to use it with RVs. It can power a 15,000 BTU air conditioner given the capacity. It can be used for powering other things like lights and freezer too. In homes it can be used for the basics like sump pump, refrigerator, lights and TV. It can power few smaller items here and there too.

More than anything else, we loved the convenience of using the 76533. It comes with wheels and folding handlebar. The push button electric start doesn’t make starting the generator feel like a chore. The user panel in the 76533 shows the total runtime too along with voltage and frequency.

 The 76533 safely shuts itself down when it runs out of oil. We found that the outlets are VoltGuard enabled which basically protects appliances from a sudden power spike. Can’t ask for more can we? This unit is quieter than other Champion models too. At 68 decibels, the noise is very much tolerable.

The runtime is pretty decent. When run on propane, you’ll get 10.5 hour long performance when used with a 20 lb. tank. Enough to last a night during a storm.

Quite honestly, we couldn’t find any major flaw. And thus it ranks so high on our list. Definitely purchase worthy!

Pros: Great runtime, easy to handle, Reasonable Noise level, Decent Capacity, Multiple Security features

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Sportsman GEN4000DF Portable Generator

The GEN4000DF from Sportsman aced our examination pretty well which is why we highly recommend this to your readers. This generator with a running capacity of 3,500 watts comes at a budget price and people with moderate requirements from a generator will definitely consider this one a great buy.

The best part about the GEN4000DF is that it can run on propane too apart from gas. In fact, it can last for 12 hours when used at 50% load.

With 3,500 watts in capacity, this generator will be able to support you by powering the essentials like refrigerator and pump during an outage. It can run a few lights, TV and a small freezer along with it. It is great for RV users too. 3,500 watts will give you the freedom to run a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with a few lights, a freezer and perhaps a TV or laptop.

Despite the low price, the GEN4000DF is built durably to last long and is packed with safety features to keep you secure. Read our detailed review to learn more about the unit.

The Good: Decent capacity, Well-built, Good Price, Good run-time, Several Safety Features

Cons: Cannot power the whole house

Click here to read the full review.

Champion 3400-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Quite honestly, this is one of the best inverter generators in the market if you consider all-round performance. The Champion 100263 has all the right ingredients in the right places that leave very little flaws to complain about.

To begin with it, this generator has the ability to run on both propane and gas. With gas, you will get running wattage of 3100 watts and in propane, it will come down to 2790 watts.

What you will notice first is the slick design that gives this generator a great look. With the handlebars and wheels, moving around this 92.7 lbs. weighing object would be fairly easy for you. This has an easy electric start mechanism and you can toggle between gas or propane with the switch of a button.

Now with such great wattage, which amounts to 3100 and 2790 watts for each fuel type, you’ll be able to run quite a number of things. RV owners can use this to run something as highly demanding as a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

At homes, this generator can power up some of the most essential items during outages to save you and your family the trouble. This include the likes of refrigerators, sump pumps, etc. To learn more about what you can expect in terms of performance, don’t forget to read the entire review.

In many ways, you can call this the best inverter generator that is included in our list of best portable generators. Compared to the Honda and Yamaha it is priced much lower.

The power you’ll get is very clean as you would expect from an inverter generator. And this relatively quiet generator, is safe for sensitive items like laptops and smartphones as well.

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Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850 Starting​ Watts Portable Generator

The XP4850EH from Duromax is one generator that we would highly recommend to our readers. It is extremely easy to operate from a user’s perspective. The XP4850EH runs on gas too apart from propane.

The XP4850EH has a running capacity of 3,500 watts. That will allow you to run a refrigerator, the sump pump, few lights and the TV during an outage. And you can run little items like coffee makers too Outside you can use it to power about 4-5 tools if you are involved in construction projects.  During camping, the XP4850EH can easily take care of the griller.

In RVs, the XP4850EH can power air conditioners of up to 13,500 BTU along with lights, freezer and TV or laptop.

The best part about this propane generator is that it can run up to 20 hours on a stretch when used at 50% load. Just fill up a 20. Lb tank and connect it then you’re good to go.

Highly recommend this unit. You can read our entire review on the XP4850EH here.

The Good: User-friendly design, decent capacity, Good runtime, Great safety features

The Bad: Cannot power the whole house.

You can read the full review here.

Sportsman GEN7500DF 7,500 Watt Portable Generator

A portable dynamo. That’s how one can describe the GEN7500DF from Sportsman. This generator which is capable of running on both gas and propane will give you 7,500 watts of starting capacity and a running wattage of 6,000 watts.

That will leave you with ample freedom to run a lot more than the basic lights, sump pump and refrigerator in your household. In fact, this can accommodate a window AC, TV, oven and some more along with it too.

In RVs, it can easily take care of powerful of air conditioners of more than 10,000 BTU as well as TVs, lights, laptops, freezer, oven and more. 6,000 watts of capacity makes this one great for job sites too.

We recommend this unit not only for the power but also for the great features it has in store. We loved the presence of wheels and handlebars. But most importantly, the simple electric start fetched brownie points from us. And the runtime is great too. From what we noticed, you can expect around 9 hours of run time at 50% load with propane.

The GEN7500DF has a diverse range of outlets for all sorts of needs. It makes moderate level of noise too which anybody can get along with. Two great reasons why we included this in our list of best units is because the GEN7500DF can control voltage and keep things in check and its outlets are equipped to protect appliances from short circuits. Is there any reason not to love this unit?

Pros: High capacity, modest price, moderate noise, Great design

Cons: None

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Champion 8000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The 100297 from Champion generator probably has the highest capacity among all of Champion generators. With gas, it has a running wattage of 8,000 watts and a starting wattage of 10,000 watts. That will give you an idea of how powerful this unit is.

Honestly, you can do a lot of things when you have the luxury of 8,000 watts. While the refrigerator, the pump and the lights can be taken care of easily, you will have the option of running the heaters, window ACs, television, laptops, etc. as well.

The high capacity makes this generator absolutely perfect for use at job sites as well. The 100297 has diverse types of outlets to take care of your needs be it at job sites or homes or RV.

Apart from generating great power, the 100297 is pretty safe too. The outlets are GCFI protected for safety at jobsites. They guard your valuable appliances from power spikes also. The low-oil shutoff feature shuts down the unit when fuel ends.

This robust generator is about 213 lbs. heavy but easy to roll around thanks to the wheels and handlebar.

The downsides? The 100297 isn’t as quiet as the Honda generators. It is a bit loud but one that you can adjust to easily nonetheless. Another downside is the runtime with propane. While gas will let you run it for 8 hours at 50% load, with propane it is only 3.5 hours. Of course, if you use fewer items that require less wattage, you can run it longer.

That was all about the Champion 100297. Definitely worth a buy!

Click here to read the full review.

The 4 Principles For Picking The Right Propane Generator

Buying a good propane generator does not have to be a complicated task. Next time, you go out to buy one, just keep the following few points in mind. And definitely keep an eye on all the recommendations we would be making on this site. All of it will definitely help you to end up with one of the best propane generators in the market.

  • Assess the amount of power you would need – When it comes to portable generators, we all have different ways of using it. Some of us just want our propane generator to run a few lights along with the refrigerator and pump. Some would like a unit that can also help us run the window AC, TV and a couple more appliances when the power is gone. And finally, some would like a unit that will power the entire house and make us feel like the electricity never left.Before you buy a generator, make a list of things you want your propane generator to run. After preparing the list, use the table below to find out how much wattage all of them would require. The total required wattage is the capacity you should be looking for in your next purchase.Our propane generator reviews here will give you details about how each unit measures up in terms of capacity.
  • Look for a propane generator that is easy to handle – Generators can be easy to handle and difficult too. All that will depend upon how it is designed. The wisest thing to do is to ensure that a unit is easy to handle before you’ve even bought it. Look for units that come with tires to roll around easily, has handles for the user to grab as well.Some of the best units in the market today also have electric start which makes the unit crank up at the slight press of a button. Some even come with remote controls. You can always look for this additional features in case they are essential to you.
  • Look for a unit that makes low noise – A generator that is too loud can be a nightmare. Nobody in there right mind would like to have a loud generator. There are few units in the market that are very quiet while there are others that make just about some noise that anybody can live with.As far as we are concerned, we neither list or recommend the loud ones on this website.
  • Look for a unit with a good run time – A good run time in a generator is a luxury that one can easily afford if they buy the correct unit. A long run time means that you can sleep a whole night without having to get up to refill. If you plan on using your generator at job sites, a full tank will help you get through the entire day assuming that it has a good run time. Ideally, you should be looking for generators with 8 hours of run time at the very least.

There are ample other factors that one can strongly consider when buying a propane generator. But the four points listed above are an absolute must. Those are aspects that one need to seriously consider if they want a peaceful life with their upcoming propane generator. Always read our reviews posted on this site.

We go into details about every aspects of a particular generator model to help you get a picture of how life would be like with that particular unit. This way, you’ll have a better idea over which unit you ought to be purchasing.

6 Reas​ons Why Propane Run Generators Rule Over All Other Forms of Generators

It is only normal the gas generators are way more popular than propane generators. Gas generators do not require much money as running expenses, they can be moved around easily and gasoline is easily available too.

However, let us not forget that propane generators bring a great deal of benefits with them too. Having one of the best propane generators in the market can make our lives easier in a lot of ways. Some of the biggest advantages that only come with a propane generator include:

  • Propane as a fuel is much easier to store over longer periods of time compared to gas. They are usually kept in cylinders dedicated to storing them. These cylinders usually have a volume of 20 to 30 lbs. or more. So whenever your power goes out, you can rely on propane as they are readily available in such cylinders. And propane is well sealed and safe inside the cylinders too. One has to try really hard to accidentally spill out propane out of such a cylinder.
  • Propane has a higher shelf life than gas as well. In fact, propane can practically last for a lifetime and there will not be any diminishing in propane’s quality as well. Thus you would not really have to rush with finishing your existing stock of this fuel. On the other hand, gas tends to lose its best capabilities with time. They require stabilizers to make up for the degradation in quality as more and more days go by.
  • Cheap: You probably know about this one already. Generally, you can buy a gallon of propane fuel for the price of a half-gallon of gas fuel. It is not only cheap but if you add up your savings over time, propane would allow you to save hundreds of dollars over the period of use. The fact that they provide so many great benefits by charging even less than gas is what makes propane generators so irresistible.
  • Quieter: Propane generators are generally quieter than gas generators. On a weekend or holiday, quietness is something that we would all cherish. Propane generators help us in this regard. Propane is far kinder on a generator’s engine compared to gas and helps the owners and their family enjoy a much quieter experience while the generator unit is in operation. Some generators have muffling technology too which further reduces the noise levels made by the generator.
  • Seamless starting Experience: You have read already how propane can practically last for an entire lifetime. It is nearly impossible for germs and dirt to plague propane and destroy its effectiveness. There is one more benefit with the fact that germs cannot take over propane. This means that your propane generator would start without any hesitation whenever the owner decides to turn on the unit. When the power is gone and the lights are out, nobody would like struggling with a portable generator. The best propane generators in the market ensure that you don’t have to struggle with turning on the unit in the darkness.
  • Environment friendly: Propane generators let us do our part for the society as well by greatly reducing carbon emission. Propane is far more environment friendly compared to gas fuel. With lesser carbon emissions, propane is without a doubt a more environment friendly choice. With no considerable environmental risk involved, propane generators are free for use and eligible across all 50 states of the USA. Park authorities do not create much ruckus either over letting propane run generators enter the park. Most propane generators easily meet the environmental specifications laid out by Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Although many other points can be mentioned here, the above were some of the biggest advantages that propane generators bring with them. Keep an eye on our propane generator reviews to find out the best models in the market today.


​​Finding the best propane generator that fits your needs perfectly can be a difficult task. Our propane generator reviews here will help you find the right one easily. With so many brands out there with hundreds of different models, it easy to end up confused.

We at Consumer Helpdesk made sure that our readers don’t go through all that confusion. We closely researched upon the best propane run generators in the market before we made a list of the best performers to recommend to our readers here.

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