Best Portable Generator Reviews | Expert’s Buying Guide

Finding the best portable generator for your needs can be extremely difficult nowadays. Our portable generator reviews in this site have been put in place to help you in this regard. We buy generators occasionally and it is only normal to have limited knowledge about them.

After careful research, we handpicked the top portable generators in the market that are price friendly and excellent in terms of performance.

We at Consumer Helpdesk are committed to helping our readers get the best value for their money. We have listed the top 10 portable generators in the market for you here. You can also read their full review where we break down every little detail to ensure that you purchase the right generator that meets your needs to perfection.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

As the name suggests, the Westinghouse WGen generator has a running wattage of 7500 watts and a starting wattage of 9500 watts. With that kind of capacity, this generator would be more than enough to power several key items in your house and some more too. This generator is indeed, a great companion for those hours of power outage.

What will catch your attention at first about this generator is the bulky size of it. Given its higher capacity than other generators, this generator is a bit on the bulky side. It weighs about 200 pounds. Given the size and weight, we would only recommend that you use this for camping only if you have a large RV. The generator does have a nicely designed handlebar and wheels to make moving it easier.

This generator has a 420 cc engine of 12.8 horsepower and is equipped with an electric start system which is as smooth as those seen in cars. With a capacity as high as 7500 watts, the WGen can power up multiple lights, window air conditioners, sump pumps, refrigerator, oven and other items.

With this powerhouse around, you won’t be missing out on much during a power outage. And the WGen meets True Sine Wave specifications which make it eligible for use with sensitive items like laptops and smartphones.

Apart from the size, we didn’t like the absence of a 30-amp outlet in this generator. While it has one 30-amp outlet, another one would have been great. There are four 120V outlets and one 120/240V twist outlet. The WGen makes noise of about 71 decibels. This is by no means quite but it isn’t so loud as well that it would bother you much.

Champion 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator

The Champion 46539 blends together great performance and comfort of use. Champion generators are extremely popular for their competitive prices and that remains true with this generator also. This portable generator has a running wattage of 3500 watts and a starting wattage of 4000 watts.

The 46539 has a well-constructed body but the weight can be an issue which stands at 140 lbs. But thankfully, the makers have provided a set of 8-inch wheels that do a great job in rolling the generator across surfaces.

By the way, one of the best parts of this generator is definitely the remote control. The benefit of wireless connectivity is truly a blessing to have especially during those lazy nights of camping.

The 46539 has a good runtime. When used at 50% of its potential capability, this generator can last up to 12 hours. A running wattage of 3500 watts will give you a lot of options. We have found that this generator starts up air conditioners of even 15,000 BTU with no problem in RVs.

You can combine it up with the other items too. For home use, it will help you get through a power outage comfortably. Televisions, lights, microwave oven, refrigerators are stuff that this unit can take care of easily during an outage along with a few more items.

With 3500 watts in terms of capacity, you can use this generator in worksites too for use with power tools. You can learn more about the generator in the full review.

The only major letdown in our opinion was the sound. At 68 decibels, this generator is a bit louder than human conversations which measure at 58 decibels. The Yamaha generators are much quieter than this one but then again, they cost a fortune compared to this generator.

Duromax XP4400E Portable Generator

The Duromax XP4400E is a strongly built portable generator that can get a lot done for you. It is packed with a starting wattage of 4400 watts and a running wattage of 3500 watts.

Although listed at 3500 watts, we found that this generator is capable of handling anywhere between 3000-3200 watts only beyond which it may start to malfunction. However, 3000 watts is still a lot of power that can get a lot of things done. To add to this, the XP4400E has a slew of benefits as well.

Handlebars and wheels make it easy for the user to push and move around the XP4400E generator. By the way, the noise made by this generator measures at 69 decibels. This is not extremely quiet like those Honda generators but then again, this costs one-third of them.

An average conversation between two makes noise of about 58 decibels. As you can deduce, this generator is a bit louder than a conversation between two people.

With a variety of outlets that can charge various things inside homes or RVs, the XP4400E has some power to it. You will have ample space to run items like window ACs, televisions, lights, etc. with this generator after securing the essential appliances like refrigerators and sump pumps.

The XP4400E takes 4 gallons of fuel to fill up completely and can run about 8 hours when being used at half its capacity. While, it is EPA certified for you to enter any US National Park with it, this generator is not legal for use in California.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC Portable Inverter Generator

Honda is one of the biggest brands when it comes to generators and the EU2000i is one of the many great units that they have produced. This unit is for limited use only but performance wise you can expect the same great Honda quality.

The EU2000i has a running wattage of 1600 watts and a starting wattage of 2000 watts. This machine is not meant for the big tasks. This high-quality inverter generator produces clean power that is meant for small tasks only.

During power outages, this can perhaps run a few lights along with essentials like a refrigerator for you. You can shuffle up the items and use this to run the TV system along with a few lights too.

In RVs, you can power up an air conditioner of about 5,000 BTU along with television, refrigerator and a couple of lights with this generator.

The EU2000i is best fitted for such uses more than anything. It is perfect for RVs and for activities like camping. However, this can be used for limited items inside a household as well.

This small generator provides its own kind of comforts too. It can run for about 6 hours when half of the capacity is being used. Considering that it takes 0.95 gallons to fill up the tank completely, you can run this generator for whole 24 hours with 3.8 gallons of fuel.

Despite its limited ability, the EU2000i is versatile and has two 120V 20 amp outlets, one 12V DC outlet and another 30 amp outlet for RVs. The sound level is extremely low with this one, as one would expect from a Honda generator which is known for their quietness.

The EU2000i is free for being carried into any US National Park thanks to the fact that it meets EPA and Californian regulations. And the steady, clean power generated by this unit makes it safe for sensitive items like smartphones and LED televisions.

To conclude, the Honda EU2000i is a great small generator that is perfect for those with limited use. Read the entire review by clicking here or you can check the latest price by clicking here.

Champion 75537i RV Ready Inverter Generator

The Champion 75537i is great for many reasons. First of all, it is an inverter generator and thus a source of clean and safe power. On top of that, it has a reasonably high wattage of 2800 running watts and to top things off, this generator is priced economically too. Overall, this generator has all the makings to be a product that provides great value for money.

The construct and body of the 75537i is a work of perfection. It weighs only about 96 lbs. which is pretty low for a generator of this capacity. The handlebars and wheels further ease it to move this generator around. And from what we saw, this generator starts easily regardless of how cold it is outside.

The noise made by 75537i was measured at about 58 decibels. This is the same amount of noise made by two people talking with each other. The runtime, however, was a bit disappointing. You will get about 5-6 hours of service when operating this generator at 50% load. After that, you will need to go for a refill. The fuel capacity is 1.6 gallons by the way.

The 75537i is an inverter generator which makes it trustworthy for sensitive items like laptops and smartphones. Given the clean source of power, your appliances would be at zero risks of damage from overload with this generator.

And a robust capacity of 2800 running watts makes this generator capable of running air-conditioners of 15,000 BTU inside RVs. You can use it at home too to power the essentials like refrigerators, pumps and a few others.

Overall, the 75537i is a great generator for homes and a perfect companion for travels. It is eligible for use across all US National Parks in any state. Also, the specifications make this unit great for use with RVs and during picnics or camping.

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Power Generator

The WEN 56180 generator is pretty unique in itself. For a start, this is a small portable generator that is priced economically. With a running wattage of 1500 watts and a starting wattage of 1800 watts, this generator is meant for small tasks only. During a power outage, this will only run the absolute essentials for you like a sump pump, refrigerator and maybe a few lights.

As mentioned earlier, the WEN 56180 is very small in size. It weighs only about 50 lbs. There are two handlebars that make it absolutely easy to pick up this generator and move it from place to place. The sound levels are relatively low too with this one.

It makes noise that measures at about 63 decibels. This is just slightly louder than a conversation between two adults which record noise levels at around 58 decibels.

This generator can be used with RVs too. Apart from powering the small appliances that one needs, you can also power the small Air-conditioners. But remember, this won’t be able to power air conditioners like those of 13,500 or 15,000 BTU.

Given the small size and ease of portability, the WEN 56180 is great for camping as well as picnics too. By the way, this generator would run about 7 to 7.5 hours when being used at 50% of its capacity. One whole fill would take 1.45 gallons.

While the 56180 has two 120V outlets of 12.5 amp, it lacks availability of a 220V outlet. However, this generator has a 12V DC outlet for batteries and the like.

Click here to have a detailed read about the WEN 56180. Or you can click here to find out the latest prices of this superb, value-for-money generator.

Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion 73536i is one of the best inverter generators that Champion Power Equipment has manufactured. And speaking of it, this is one generator that is as economical as a portable generator could possibly get. The main highlight of this generator is its low price.

But don’t be fooled though. The low price has its implications as well. The 73536i has a running wattage of 1700 watts only and is meant for limited tasks. This generator is a delight for anyone who wants a small unit for a very economic price that will only cover the essentials during a power outage.

The 73536i is an economic generator that looks ‘economic’ too. As the pictures suggest, it is very small in size. The weight of the unit was measured at 49 lbs. which shows how light it is. With the handlebar that comes with the body, you will have no trouble picking it up. In fact, storing this inside an RV will involve no hassle also given the small dimensions.

At 1700 watts, this generator can power up a few items in your RV like a furnace, refrigerator, and TV. This can run air-conditioners of 5,000 to 8,000 BTU but no more than that.

At home, you can use this to run essentials like refrigerator, laptop or television and a few lights. This small generator is absolutely safe for running or charging sensitive items like smartphones, tablets, etc. This generator, however, cannot run the air-conditioners.

Overall, the Champion 73536i is a small generator with limited ability. This economically priced generator is meant for the small tasks only, however, you can run this one in parallel. If you want, you can buy two 73536i generators and run them side by side to get double the running capacity which will be about 3400 watts.

Click here to learn more about the generator 

SUAOKI 220 Watts Portable Generator Power Source

This SUAOKI 220 Watts Portable generator isn’t your conventional generator. It is extremely small in size and its weight amounts to 6 lbs. only. This solar generator wasn’t meant to do demanding tasks. This can at best be used to charge gadgets that are absolutely essential for our everyday life.

Apart from those, this can perhaps power an extra table lamp for you. If you are someone who needs their smartphone or Kindles ready at all times, then this is one item that you would love to carry. Given its small size, this generator can be carried literally anywhere be it during picnics or camping or fishing.

At the heart of the SUAOKI 220 Watts generator is a 20,000 mAh, Li-ion battery. With no fuel to burn, this generator is a source of clean and environmentally friendly power. Speaking of which, this generator is absolutely safe for use with sensitive devices that are prone to damage from overload such as smartphones, laptops, etc.

The generator can be charged either through the AC socket or with a solar panel which has to be bought separately. It can be charged in cars too using the cigarette socket provided. Once fully charged, it can last as long as 12 hours depending on how much stress is being put upon it.

The SUAOKI 220 Watt generator has two 220V outlets, two 12V DC outlets as well as two USB ports. With a starting wattage of 240 watts and a running wattage of 220 watts, this can charge up your gadgets for you. Apart from that, you can power up a small fan or a mini-fridge using the DC outlet.

The SUAOKI 220 Watt generator is for the small uses here and there. If you feel this one suits your lifestyle you can buy this. Click here to read the whole review or you can check out one of the best prices for this useful item by clicking here.

By the way, the Panel Name is our preferred panel for use with this generator.

The Comprehensive Guide to Picking The Best Portable Generator

Buying a portable generator can be a confusing task for many. We don’t buy a generator every other day so our knowledge regarding them tend to be limited. Moreover, considering how there are thousands of generators in the market today of varying brands and of varying types, it is easy to end up all confused.

Luckily for you, this guide here will make things a lot simpler as far as buying a portable generator is concerned. At the end of the day, it comes down to few basic aspects that you need to pay attention to.

Here’s the definitive guide for you:

  • Power Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of wattage your ideal generator needs to have. How much your generator’s capacity has to be will depend on how many items you want to run with your generator.Consider the scenario of a normal household during power outage.

Perhaps, you only want to run the essential items with your portable generator. In usual circumstances you would need 800 W for your sump pump of 1/3 HP. After that you will need another 700 Watts for the refrigerator.

Ovens take anywhere between 600 to 1000 W. A standard window AC of 10,000 BTU requires about 1200 W. A typical computer consumes power of 80-250 Watts and a television usually takes about 500 W.

Now you may pick the essential appliances that you plan on running with your generator and add up their required running wattage to find out what the capacity of your generator needs to be. Different households have different power needs as usage patterns can always differ.

Luckily there are sufficient generators in the market that can address all sorts of demands. Keep an eye on our portable generator reviews of different models. We will notify you what and how many items you can possibly run with a particular model.

Apart from households, there is the case of using a portable generator with an RV. Usually, RVs may have air conditioners of 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU. Those of 13,500 BTU need a running wattage of 1500-2000 W and those of 15,000 BTU need about 1300-1800 Watts.

An RV fridge needs about 600 W and a TV needs 120-200 watts generally. A computer needs about 250W and a microwave takes up to 1000 W. That will give you an idea of what the running wattage of your RV generator ought to be.

Several of the best portable generators are manufactured taking into consideration the needs of RV users so you won’t have a tough time finding one that does the trick for you.

On most cases, generators with running watt ages of 2000-3500 running wattage should suffice for those living the RV lifestyle.

  • Run Time 

While it is of great importance that the generator you are purchasing has the sufficient capacity, it is also important that the unit has a healthy run time. Most portable generators run for 8-12 hours on average.

Some go beyond that limit. Some generators finish up the gas tank within six hours. You have to decide what the runtime you would be most comfortable with is.

It is recommended that you buy one that can run for at least 8 hours on a stretch so that your generator can run through the night on those occasions when there is a storm. 

Those who plan on using a portable generator at work would also aspire for a generator with at least 8 hours of runtime. When it comes to knowing the runtime of a particular model, you can rely on us always.

When shortlisting the best portable generators, we put a great lot of emphasis on its run time. Our portable generator reviews where we cover different models will let you know what the run time of the model being reviewed is.

  • Noise Level

One of the more forgotten aspects of generators. Customers usually don’t realize how crucial this aspect of a generator is until they have already made the mistake.

When it comes to purchasing a particular generator, go through its review thoroughly to find out how much noise that particular model makes. 

Majority of the generators shortlisted on this site are not noisy and only make noise that is within tolerable limits.

  • Fuel Type 

Portable generators can have various sources of power. They can run on liquid propane. They can also run on gas. There are various solar powered generators in the market as well. Liquid propane generators are gaining popularity over time due to the fact that they emit lower amounts of carbon monoxide making them an environmentally friendly option.

As a fuel, liquid propane lasts longer than gas as well as ensuring longer running time. However, they generate a lesser amount of power than gas generators. LP generators generate about 10-20% lower wattage than gas generators with the same amount of fuel.

Gas run generators are therefore the most popular form of portable generators in the market today. In fact, a majority of the best portable generators in the market today are run by gas.

One of the biggest perks of using this popular form of fuel is that they are readily available for purchase in any corner of the world. Several generators nowadays have the ability to run in a dual type of fuel.

Some generators can run both on liquid propane as well as traditional gas fuel. You can also consider buying one such model.

  • Design

If you must buy a generator, try to buy one that is friendly for use. When I say user-friendly design, I mainly mean those that are either lightweight or those that are convenient for handling. Look for generators that weigh little.

This will help you a lot especially if you plan on using your generator for activities like camping which requires moving the unit from place to place. If not lightweight, then you should at least make sure that the portable generator that you are buying has a nice set of wheels attached to them.

Generators equipped with wheels usually make things simpler as they can be easily rolled across the surface when being taken from one point to another. Other user-friendly aspects of a generator include the availability of handlebars.

Nothing like a platform that allows you to hold and lift up the generator comfortably. Most of the Leading portable generators in the market today come with ergonomically designed handlebars.

How much easy for using a particular generator is or how many of the user-friendly features it has been mentioned in the individual reviews of the various portable generators that have been recommended on this site.

Hopefully, that will help you decide which model to buy.

  •  Safety and Security

A portable generator is something you would be entrusting your appliances worth thousands with. Therefore it is essential that they provide the right kind of security and safety for your properties.

When buying a portable generator, always make sure to put your money on one that has a circuit breaker to defend your appliances from overloads. You can look for additional features like low oil shut off feature.

This feature equips generators to shut down on its own when it senses unavailability of fuel. This way it prevents major mishaps from occurring. Some of the best portable generators are inverter generators.

One great thing about inverter generators is that they are particularly very safe for electronic items like laptops and smart TVs that are very susceptible to power fluctuations and overloads.

  • Use at Jobsites 

As for use in jobsites for DIY activities, I can give you an idea of the running wattage required by some of the equipment. An air compressor depending on the horsepower needs about 900 to 1600 running watts.

A circular saw needs about 1600W and a belt sander consumes about 1400W. Electric drills consume 400-600W. In case you’re planning to use a generator to run such tools, you need to assess what your power needs would be before you set out to find a generator.

The guide here should hopefully provide you with a good sense of direction regarding how you need to go about when choosing a portable generator. It might all seem a bit confusing initially but this site can always help you trace things out.

Give the individual reviews of different models covered on this site. They are very much detailed and cover every little aspect about the model being review of us it will help you greatly to pick out the model that fits your needs best.

The 7 Top Reasons To Use a Portable Generator

Over the years, portable generators have become a popular choice among American households. More and more people are preferring the smaller, portable units for their homes instead of the traditional generators.

There are several reasons for this change in consumer demands. Portable generators do have certain perks that cannot be found elsewhere. Top advantages that portable generators provide include:

  • Supplies necessary amount of power

Some people simply do not need all the appliances to work when a power outage occurs. For most, only a few handy appliances and electronic items are all that is required to function when power is not available. In this regard, the portable generators do a great job.

Unlike standby generators, they cannot power all the items in a house at once. But they can ensure that you keep using the necessary items like sump pumps, refrigerator, few lights and window AC along with your laptop when you are experiencing a storm or a general power outage.

The number of electronic items and appliances that a portable generator can power varies from model to model based on the capacity. But generally, most of the best portable generators in the market does a great job at ensuring that vital appliances keep running without any major interruption.

  • Great for people on the move

Some people are always on the move. Either they are out camping with the family and friends on weekends or maybe they are living the RV lifestyle.

For such people who are never settled in one location for too long, portable generators are the way to go. The portable units can be carried pretty much anywhere. And they can also be put to use wherever you choose to visit be it a camping site or inside a vehicle.

Availability of power through portable generators make camping and tailgating a much more joyous experience.

  • Cheaper to buy and maintain

There is no doubt that portable generators do not have the same power capacity as standby generators for home. But on the flip side, portable generators are a lot cheaper as well. In fact, when it comes to portable generators, you only pay for what you want to use.

A portable generator may not power up your entire house but a portable generator ensures that your essential appliances keep running without any major hiccup so that your life during a power outage is a lot easier. That was about the initial purchase.

Maintaining portable generators over their lifetime is pretty cheap too as well. There aren’t any costs involved in maintaining them except for the mandatory fuel refills once the gas runs out.

  • Quietness

One of the biggest complaints surrounding portable generators has been the fact that they are usually loud. This might have been the case a few years ago but portable generators are a lot quieter now.

Some make only a tolerable amount of noise and some maintain a pleasant silence. In fact, when it comes to camping, the noise made by a generator would make even far less difference to you because the generator would usually be kept away at a considerable distance from you.

  • Enhances the value of home

Adding a generator to your home can play a good role in significantly improving the value of your home. Those who plan on selling their homes soon would definitely love adding a generator up ahead.

  • Ease of Use

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons why portable generators are so popular nowadays is because how easy they are to use. Portable generators can be carried from place to place easily thanks to the handlebars and wheels that most units have.

Moreover, some generators are so light that one can easily pick them up to move them from one place to another. Operating a generator unit is generally pretty easy too nowadays thanks to the user-friendly mechanisms in most units.

  • Safety

Portable generators provide a great deal of safety for its users and their property. For instance, the leading brands in the market today are equipped with circuit breakers to provide protection from possible overloads.

Apart from that many models in the market today have a low oil shutoff feature which causes the generator to safely shut itself down once the tank nears end before any disaster occurs from a sudden stop in operations.

The benefits of portable generators mentioned above are some general ones that are usually found in most models.

However, there is always the case of some poor portable generator units in the market which may fail to provide the benefits mentioned. To ensure that you only buy the great ones, keep an eye on the portable generator reviews on this site.

3 Killer Mistakes People Make While Buying a New Portable Generator

generator buying mistakes

Portable generators are a hefty investment. Even the cheapest ones cost about $200 or more. This is why purchasing one should never be taken lightly. One must remain cautious while purchasing a generator for their home to ensure that their hard-earned money does not go in vain.

This is exactly what we at Consumer Helpdesk are trying to ensure with our portable generator reviews and guide. We are committed to helping our customers pick nothing but the best they possibly could within their budget. 

For this reasons, we have enlisted few mistakes customers make when purchasing generators. Being aware of these mistakes will help our customers avoid them in the first place. 

  • Buying a generator of an unpopular brand

When it comes to portable generators, we all know the top brands. Companies like Honda, Champion, Westinghouse, etc. are the biggest names that come to mind when you think of portable generators.

However, there are a few other honorable mentions. Sometimes, we make the mistake of purchasing a portable generator of a lesser known brand. This can bring with it a lot of problems.

Firstly, it is easier to find replaceable parts like filters for brands that are well-known compared to finding parts for lesser known brands.

Secondly, there is the case of trust as well. Famous brands become famous by providing great service over the years. With a famous household brand like Champion or Honda, you are much more likely to have your warranty availed in the future if there ever is a need for that.

  • Buying from Cheap Thrift Stores

It is easy to get seduced by big, flashy sale offers. It is far easier to get seduced to such promising offers when the product is something that is very expensive like portable generators.

But in all honesty, if you ever come across large discount or sale offers from small retailers then please avoid them. You are far more likely to end up with a product that might start malfunctioning within a few months of use.

Moreover, you are also likely to have troubles availing your warranty service with small, lesser known stores compared to authorized sellers if there is ever a need to avail warranty. This is why one should only buy their generators from authorized showrooms of the brand or through credible retailers like Amazon, etc.

Portable generators are already costing you a fortune. The best you can do is buy a high-quality one that won’t ask you to spend again for a good amount of time to come. Don’t risk it to save a few bucks today only to pay a bigger sum tomorrow.

  • Buying a Generator of Limited Capacity 

Perhaps, the biggest mistake people make when it comes to purchasing portable generators. Before zeroing in on a generator, you should always make sure that the portable unit is capable of meeting your needs.

In a bid to save money, people often buy a cheap model that falls short to meet their needs. This is why we strongly suggest that you go through our portable generator reviews to pick out the best portable generator that fits your needs better than others.

Our reviews of different models will give you a very good idea regarding the capacity and capability of each unit. By reading them, you will know ahead of purchasing whether it will be able to meet your needs or not.

You can calculate your wattage needs using the table found in our reviews and guide to estimate whether or not a particular model will meet your needs.

The above were some of the most popular mistakes that new and inexperienced portable generator buyers make. Now that you know them, you are well-poised for picking the right generator for your needs.

5 Essential Tips to Make Your Generator Last Long

best portable generators

Source: Official Honda Website

Portable generators are never easy on the pockets. But the best we can do to make sure that we get the most of our money is to maintain our generators on a regular basis so that they last a long period of time.

Maintaining a generator is easy. There are only a few key pointers that one needs to remember. And these tips remain true for all kinds of portable generators regardless of the brand or the capacity of the generator.


You should try to ensure that the filters in your generator remain clean on most occasions. Filters in generators tend to garner debris over periods of use. The debris comes mainly from the air that flows towards the engine.

Over time, debris can build up and cause blockade that will hinder air from properly entering the engine. This can severely deter a generator’s performance. It is recommended to clean the filter after every 200 hours of use.

This can be cleaned using compressed air or water. When circumstances deteriorate a lot, stubborn dirt tends to stick on the filters even after washing them. In such cases, new filters should be purchased.

Most stores sell extra filters and those of popular brands like Champion, Westinghouse, etc. are easily available. Don’t worry, you won’t need any extra filters for now but you can still buy a few extras just to be safe.


It is crucial for generator owners to change the oil in their generator periodically. How frequently this needs to be done depends on how frequently they use the generator.

As a general advice, one should change the oil for the first time after using it for around 8-20 hours after unpacking a brand new generator. This will cause all the dirt and contaminants that might have piled up at the factory and inside boxes to flow out.

As a rule of thumb, oil should be changed between 50-200 hours. Doing so will ensure that the insides of the engine always remain clean which in turn will ensure smooth lubrication.


Many of us only use generators occasionally. Maybe there is an ongoing bout of power outages in our area why we are using a generator. Chances are we won’t use the generator again for months once the rough patch ends.

Similarly, there are many who will only use the generator during a phase of a storm and will stop using it altogether after the storm passes. Regardless of our need for a generator, it is highly advised we run them for at least 30 minutes every three months during those phases when we do not even need a generator.

There are several reasons to do this. For one, this will keep the insides of the generator well lubricated since oil reaches all the sections of the generator. This won’t be the case if left unused for extended periods.

As a result, the generator will most assuredly start smoothly during those times of emergency when you really need it to work. Periodically starting up the generator every once in a while is absolutely important for generators with electric start. Electric start mechanisms can sometimes become ineffective if left unused for several months.


One of the best practices when it comes to portable generators is using heavy duty cords. Such cords ensure that lower voltages are used and in the process the also cut down the risks of an untimely burnout.

Contrary to heavy cords, their lighter counterparts end up increasing the amount of voltage which in turn raise risks also. Another pro tip is to use longer cords with your generator. You see, the further your generator is from you, the lower will be the noise that will reach your ears.

This is something you will definitely appreciate when you’re trying to sleep. Longer cords are a great way to offset the disadvantages of a noisy portable generator in case you own one.


One of the biggest hassles that generator owners face with generators is with the process of emptying the tank. Some generators are conveniently designed for making this activity easier however most generators are not.

For instance, some portable generators automatically come with a drain that is attached to the carburetor. This alone will be sufficient to comfortably remove the remaining gas whenever you choose to empty the tank. In the absence of a drain, one should run the generator until the carburetor has exhausted all of the gas available.

This, however, should only be done after emptying the generator’s tank. In the absence of a drain, your best bet would be a hand suction pump. It’s always best to have one such pump around the house.

They come in very handy when it comes to extracting out and removing the fuel from the tank instead of letting it drain the carburetor.

Store Your Generator This Way to Make Them Last for Years

generator storage

Source: Official Westinghouse Website

When it comes to portable generators, always take the storage aspect of it seriously. It is key that you follow the proper instructions when it comes to storing generators after use. Failure to do so may reduce the lifespan of your portable generator.

It may be so that the camping season is over and you don’t plan on using your generator again for at least a month. In that case, always drain the remaining fuel out before storing the generator for good.

Generators should always be stored in an empty tank especially more so when they won’t be used again in a long time.

Ideally, you should add gas stabilizer to the remaining fuel in the generator’s tank and let it run for 15-20 minutes. Once the engine cools down, keep running the generator until the remaining fuel is burnt.

However, if you have a lot of fuel left inside the tank when you plan to store it for good then use a siphon to drain out the fuel out of the generator.

As far as storage location is concerned, that is up to you to decide. Ideally, generators should be stored somewhere that is dry, enclosed and can be reached easily from any point of the home. The temperature in the storage place should be cool and normal like the outside temperature.

If you don’t plan on using the generator again in several weeks or months’ time, it is highly recommended that you use a cover for the generator. This will shield the generator from piling up with dirt and dust over time.

If your portable generator has an electric start system, then please charge the battery before storing it. This will ensure that the generator will be ready for use next time when you plan on using it.

The 3 Best Portable Generator Brands

Not all portable generator manufacturers are made equal. Some are much better than others. Portable generators involve a few hundred dollars of your money. And the companies that deserve this hard earned money of yours are companies that have stayed committed to delivering high-quality products and after-sales services to their customers for years.

You will come across various brands in the market. However, we recommend that you stick to those brands which have proven to be trustworthy for many years now. Some of the most prestigious brands that you can trust when it comes to portable generators include:

  • Honda

Undoubtedly, the best portable generator maker in the market. Honda Power Equipment is part of the Japanese giant company named Honda. And rest assured, you can expect the same high-quality engineering from their generators as well.

honda generators

Source; Honda Power Equipment's Official Website

Honda has a pretty diversified portfolio when it comes to portable generators. They have various models to fit all kinds of needs depending on whether you want them to use at home or at construction sites or simply for camping purposes.

Honda has small generators that have a capacity of as little as 1,000 watts and they also have generators with a whopping capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 watts.The biggest advantage of Honda Generators is the noise.

If quietness is a priority and if you can’t tolerate the least bit of noise then Honda is perfect for you. The biggest downside perhaps is the fact that they are highly expensive. In fact, their models cost almost three times more than those of other brands with similar features.

While Honda remains the best in the market, other manufacturers are not far behind. Makers like Champion, Westinghouse, etc. have come up with various models that are very close to Honda units in terms of performances but have prices that are one-third of them.

  • Champion

Champion Power Equipment has become one of the most loved brands among people when it comes to portable generators. Some of the bestselling units by these manufacturers are impressive in terms of performance and are very convenient for use.

Champion generators

Source; Honda Power Equipment's Official Website

But the biggest reason for the massive popularity of Champion Generators is their price. Some Champion generators provide phenomenal performance while charging less than half of what Honda charges.

This makes their units absolute value for money. And when it comes to portable, inverter generators then there is no substitute to Champion Power Equipment. They make the cleanest power generators for the lowest prices.

While Champion generators are great for home use, some of them are tailor-made to fit the needs of users with RVs also. As long as you pick the correct model, a generator from Champion Power Equipment can be a great travel and camping buddy.

  • Westinghouse 

Champion generators make a great choice because of their competitive prices. In this case, the Westinghouse generators are not far behind. Although their generators are different in nature, they too are priced very economically.

Westinghouse generators

Source: Official website of Westinghouse

What makes Westinghouse such a lovable brand is the fact that they produce generators of massive wattage ranging between 7,500 to 10,000 watts at very competitive prices. In fact, their generators of such high watt ages are often priced under $1000 dollars or a bit above that mark.

If you want a generator that isn’t heavy on the pockets but has ample capacity to power a wide range of appliances inside your house than Westinghouse can be a great option. The biggest downside with these generators?

Perhaps, one key weakness that Westinghouse has is that their generators a bit noisier than the likes of Honda and Yamaha. However, the noise made by them isn’t something that will bother you a lot as they are still within tolerable limits.

Keep an eye on our portable generator reviews. We have carefully handpicked those Westinghouse generators that have very little shortcomings but ample benefits.

The 3 brands listed above are perhaps the biggest names in the market. However, there are other brands too that produce high-quality generators. It is just that the likes of Honda and Champion produce more great generators than others.

We have included generators from lesser known manufacturers like WEN, etc. in our list of best portable generators. It is simply due to the fact that those units outdid others from more popular brands. However, such cases are exceptional.

New buyers should stick to the bigger brands. Only go for a lesser known brand if we have recommended it to you on this site after researching the unit ourselves.


We believe we have provided you with sufficient information to help you pick the best portable generator for your home or worksite. Our portable generator reviews which were prepared after intensive research will let you know the ins and outs of the leading generator models in the market.

We at Consumer Helpdesk hope that you will successfully buy the generator that provides you the best value for your money. You can check out the best portable generators from the leading brand, Champion Power Equipment by clicking here. You can check out our reviews and guides on propane generators and RV generators also.

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