Question Answered: Are Propane Generators Quieter Than Gas Generators?

All of us love a good generator. But more than that, we love a quiet generator. Are propane generators quieter than gas generators? You probably have wondered already if that is the case. Most of us who use portable generators tend to travel a lot with our unit. And naturally, how much sound the generator makes is a key aspect we tend to focus on when picking a portable generator. A quiet propane generator only makes our camping and traveling experience a lot more delightful.

Are Propane Generators Quieter Than Gas Generators?

Before we go any further, let us just clarify one thing. Very rarely, if ever at all, does the type of fuel your generator uses influence how much sound the generator makes. The amount of noise a generator makes mainly depends on a mixture of several key factors. How old the generator is, the kind of engine it is equipped with, the technology and the amount of load that is being exerted upon it are some of the determining factors regarding how much noise a generator makes. Fuel type has very little to do with the kind of noise a generator makes.

Luckily, the best propane generators in the market today are also the ones that have the most modern technology instilled in them. This empowers the generators to provide the benefits of liquid propane fuel however, QUIETLY! The best propane generators in the market today are pretty quiet. But you have to ensure from your end that you pick the right one.

The Truth About Noise Levels

So how quiet is quiet enough? Nowadays, generator manufacturers state the noise levels of their machines in the packaging itself. However, we the general consumers don’t really know all too well regarding how to measure noise. Just like we measure height in inches, sound levels are measured in decibels (dB). To give you an idea, the noise level of an average vacuum cleaner is 80 dB. An average human conversation generates about 60dB of noise.

What about the propane generators then? Some of the leading units in the market today make noise of about 72dB which is very much within tolerable range. This is the noise level for significantly large propane generators which can power several items at once. There are smaller propane generators in the market too which are quieter than this and only make noise levels of about 58-65dB. They tend to have running wattages of around 2000 watts.

As we mentioned earlier, how much noise a generator depends on a lot of factors. If you are buying one of the old models, chances are it will be louder than the ones that were manufactured within the last two years. Technology is constantly evolving and naturally, the recent generator units are likely to make less noise than the older units thanks to better technology. Some of the leading propane generators nowadays have sound muffling features in them which kill the noise generated by the generator’s engine.

How much load that is being exerted on the generator is another key issue which determines how much noise a generator makes. If a generator is operating at 50% load and powering only a few items, it is likely to make a lot less noise than how much it would make had it been running at 80-100% load and powering several items at once.

Distance is another key issue when it comes to recording noise levels. When it comes to camping generators or the portable ones, chances are you will rarely ever be too close to the generator. Naturally, the further you place your generator, the quieter it is going to appear to you.

Those were some of the key elements relating to noise levels of propane generators or any generator for that matter. There is no specific answer to the question whether propane generators are quieter than gas generators. However, 21st century is a great time to be alive. Manufacturers are taking noise levels very seriously nowadays. Parks around USA have strict requirements around noise and thus producers are being forced to make their units as quiet as possible. And there are abundance of quality propane generators in the market already which are pretty quiet during operations. You just have pick the right ones. Read our propane generator reviews to find out some amazing quiet propane generators which are great in terms of operations too.

  • November 19, 2018
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